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What’s a Gifted Adult to Do?

Being a gifted adult in a society which pushes people to fit in, calm down, and to not be extraordinary, is difficult. Because over time we start to live as others expect us to live. It starts when we are in school and lumped into the group, and we struggle to fit in. But unless you’ve gone completely unconscious in your life (which many of us do) you recognize that you don’t fit in. You think differently about life, relationships, work, and satisfaction. Acknowledging that you are gifted, and that being gifted is okay, then you can begin the true vision of your life; you must be yourself for true happiness and to be able to fully contribute to society in the ways you can.

Here’s the truth: Giftedness is for life and it means you have special needs and sensitivities that are part of who you are. Read the following expert from “Discovering the Gifted Ex-Child by Stephanie S. Tolan:

“The experience of the gifted adult is the experience of an unusual consciousness, an extraordinary mind whose perceptions and judgments may be different enough to require an extraordinary courage. Large numbers of gifted adults, aware not only of their mental capacities but of the degree to which those capacities set them apart, understand this…The cognitive differences can lead to high levels of career success in many fields. These are the specific abilities that so often produce the recognized gifted adult, the ground-breaking physicist, the great philosopher, the peace-making diplomat, the successful entrepreneur. But for the adult whose life circumstances do not readily provide an arena for the positive use of these abilities the result may be a feeling of frustration, lack of fulfillment, a nagging sense of being tied down, imprisoned, thwarted.” More gifted adult resources

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